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Redbird FMX Simulator
The Redbird FMX is a three-axis, full motion Advanced Aviation Training Device (AATD).  

Cockpit Configuration

The FMX is configured as a Cessna 172 cockpit with traditional instruments.


  • You can spin, loop, roll, fly under bridges, and have fun!
  • You can pause the flight and ask your instructor questions.  A simulator makes a better classroom than an airplane.
  • You can practice landings and approaches repeatedly.
  • You  can simulate Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) and equipment failures without waiting for them to occur in real life.
  • Your instructor can let you make mistakes and see the results of your decisions.
  • You save time because you do not need to perform a preflight inspection, taxi, or fly out to the practice area.
  • You do not need a medical certificate.
  • You can fly anywhere in the world, including a virtual Niagara Falls, St. Martin, Honolulu, and Paris.
  • You are in a climate-controlled room instead of braving the extremes of nature.
  • At $50 per hour, it is more affordable than an airplane.


2.5 hours loggable toward Private Pilot License
20 hours loggable toward Instrument Rating
50 hours loggable toward Commercial License
Approved for instrument currency requirements

The official FAA Letter of Authorization explains exact approvals.

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