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Flight Training
Whether you are just starting out or advancing your ratings, Solo Aviation will provide the safe, fun, and educational experience you need.  Our flight instructors have trained pilots throughout the country and the aviation industry.  Whether you are flying for fun or for a career in aviation, you deserve the best training available to you.


You can receive instruction in the following areas:
Medical Certificates

Prior to a student's first solo flight the student must pass a flight physical and receive a third class medical certificate or higher.  The medical exam must be conducted by a doctor who is certified as an Aviation Medical Examiner.   Applicants that are taking prescription medications or have had surgery or hospitalization are strongly encouraged to consult with a medical examiner BEFORE starting the official application process, as the examiner may make recommendations for the appropriate paperwork and for how to facilitate the approval process. 


Due to regulations from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), students that are United States citizens must present proof of citizenship, such as a passport or a birth certificate, to Solo Aviation prior to beginning training.  

Students that are not United States citizens must complete a background check at the TSA web site.  (Solo Aviation uses "category 3" aircraft.)  As part of the approval process, students must first notify Solo Aviation of their intent prior to applying for a background check.


There are several ways to finance your training.  Scholarships are available to women, minorities, and career-oriented students.   Solo Aviation also works with Pilot Finance, Inc. for more traditional financing.  
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