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Careers in Aviation
If you are going to work for your living, you might as well do something you enjoy.   We challenge you  to find a better view than the one you will have from your cubicle, er, cockpit!


To begin a career as a pilot, you usually start with earning the following licenses and ratings: Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot License, Multiengine Rating

After earning these ratings, you typically "build hours" and gain experience as you move toward your final career destination.  Different "hour-building" jobs may include:
  • Flight instructing
  • Aerial survey
  • Advanced jet training
  • Cooperate charter and some cargo positions

Flight Instructing

After earning a Commercial License, many pilots decide to build experience by working as a flight instructor at flight schools such as Solo Aviation.  Solo Aviation offers ratings for Certified Flight Instructors, Certified Instrument Instructors, and Multi-Engine Instructors.  Several of our graduates have moved on to successful instructing jobs.

Multiple Career Options

Aerial Applicator
Wildlife Biologist/Pilot
Woodland Fire Suppression
Airline Pilot
FAA Inspector
Flight Instructor
Corporate Pilot
Cargo Pilot
Military Pilot
Aerial Photographer
Conservation Officer/Pilot
Homeland Security Pilot
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Pilot

Industry Trends

Traditionally, professional pilots received their flight training through the military.  As the military down-sized its pilot programs over the last few decades, training for career pilots has shifted toward colleges and smaller flight schools, such as Solo Aviation.  Many jobs for career pilots require four-year degrees in addition to the basic pilots licenses, however, the four year degree may be in any subject.

Although some students choose to get a four-year degree in aviation sciences, others have opted to obtain degrees in other fields so that they can fall-back on their degrees if the need should arise.  Students at Solo Aviation can receive the same licenses they would receive at an aviation college or university while obtaining their academic degrees elsewhere and paying approximately half the cost.

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